2014 Best Predictions for Privacy (and Security)

Each year about this time, I pull out my foggy crystal ball and prognosticate the future of Privacy and Security! For data privacy and security professionals, this year offers optimism, but with looming mid-term elections and recent significant data breaches, only subtle privacy improvements are likely. Through that lens, here is the 3rd Annual Top 10 Privacy/Security Trends for 2014. Continue reading

Beyond Security: Part 2

Strategic vs. tactical thinking, is a common misconception in security. Many security professionals believe that by completing tactical functions they are ultimately achieving strategic goals. The idea introduced in part one of this series is that thinking strategically is about aligning the business objectives to the activities that security is providing for the business. Continue reading

Beyond Security: Why the Cybersecurity Industry Needs Strategic Thinkers

Recently, I sat down with my attack and penetration team (the guys that break into stuff), and I was reminiscing about the old days of penetration testing. It got me to start thinking that, as the industry evolves and shifts toward technology to provide for the commoditized tasks, the industry needs to shift away from the monotonous work of running tools to more strategic thinking. Continue reading